The history of Nadavaramba St. Mary;s Assumption Church traces back to 1883. As a small community of 34 The history of the parish of Ambazhakad traces back to the early centuries of Christian presence in Kerala. Ambalakad later known as Ambazhakad was the chief locus of the early Christian Community formed by the evangelization of St. Thomas the Apostle of India. Imbibed by the Spirit of faith from St. Thomas, the fore-fathers of this vicinity intensely desired to have a church of their own for divine worship in the 2nd Century A.D. But due to the unhelpful and contrary circumstances, the construction of a Church became a distant reality. However in the year of the Lord 300 a church was constructed in the land which was donated by a Namboodiri (an Upper Caste Hindu) of Ambazhakada Mana. During the Coonan Cross Oath (1653) this church was under Kodungallur Archdiocese.

In 1663 due to the Dutch Invasion Portughese Empire declined. Soon the Jesuits transposed the Vaippicotta Seminary to Ambazhakad (Sambalur). A house of Jesuits, Vidyapeeth (St. Pauls’ College) and besides these institutions a seminary for Christians of St. Thomas were started by the Jesuits. Arnos Pathiri (John Earnest Hangsildon from Hungary) was an inmate of this institution. He received his ordination and wrote his famous poems and Astrological studies while he was here. Many early important works in Tamil and Malayalam were printed in the Press (Achukoodam) established here.