Parish Council

PRATINIDHIYOGAM (Almost like Parish Council) is an executive committee to assist the parish priest in the day-to-day activities, decision making and functioning of the parish. It consists of Ex-officio members, Elected members and Nominated members for a term of two years.

Important Functions and Duties: 

1) To provide leadership by initiating active and constructive roles with a view to fostering, facilitating and promoting the spiritual, social, cultural, catechetical, pastoral, developmental and charitable activities, family apostolate and youth formation in the parish, having due regard to the religious atmosphere of the parish.

2) Manage and verify the income and expenditure of the parish on a regular basis

3) To propose the programmes of feasts other than the major feasts and to help in conducting all such feasts;

4) To give guidelines on the general policies of administering the temporal goods of the parish

5) To constitute committees and to choose members to the same as and when needed and to dissolve them.

Msgr.Francise Kolencherry

Parish Priest (Ex-Officio Member)

Joemon Edakkara

Trustee (Ex-Officio Member)

Antony Mathew

Trustee (Ex-Officio Member)

George P Varkey

Trustee (Ex-Officio Member)

Biju Manchappilly

Pastoral Council Rep (Ex-Officio)

Alosious George

St Mary’s - Elected Member

Tomsy Augustine

St Mary’s - Elected Member

Bino Thomas

St Thomas - Elected Member

Rarichen Mathew

St Thomas - Elected Member

Anies Wilson

St Theresa - Elected Member

George P Varkey (Babychen)

St Alphonsa - Elected Member

Robin Thomas

St Paul Unit - Elected Member

Paul Singh

St Paul Unit - Elected Member

Saneesh Joseph

St Joseph - Elected Member

Shajan Varghese

St Joseph - Elected Member

Jiji Joseph

St Antony - Elected Member

George Abraham

St Benedict - Elected Member

James Varghese

Holy Spirit - Elected Member

Sunil Varghese

Holy Spirit - Elected Member

Tomi Chethimattom

St Mary McKillop - Elected Member

Steve George

(SMYM) - Elected Member

Deepa Sebastian

(Catechism) - Elected Member

Ancy Jomon

(Nurses Ministry) - Elected Member

Jolly Karumathy

(Safety Officer) - Nominated Member

Saji Varghese

(Building Committee) - Nominated Member

Lijy Jose

(Mathruvedhi) - Elected Member

Ushas Symon

(Website) - Nominated Member

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