Website & Bulletin Committee

As effective communication is essential to the core of our community, the Website and Bulletin committee was formed to enable the development and maintenance of our current website and ensure the distribution of parish bulletins on the last Sunday of each month. We believe by developing our communication within the parish community the efficiency and participation of our members will strengthen as a result. This committee will oversee the content of the parish bulletin which includes; the vicar’s message, parish and building committee updates. The bulletin will also feature notifications from the choir, catechism, SMYM, Mathruvedhi, Altar Service, Liturgy Team, Nurse’s Ministry and Family Units. In addition to this, the committee will elaborate on upcoming events, bible reading & eucharistic ministry rosters.

Fr. Saji Valiyaveettil

Aji John

Ajimon Antony

Antony Pullicodu

George Varkey

Smitha Ushas

Biju Thomas

Coordinator (Bulletin)

Ushas Symon

Coordinator (Website)

George P Varkey (Babychen)


Antony Mathew


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